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And the winner is…

OPTION 1 The Outdoor Gym.


It was a good meeting.

Many thanks to all who attended and all who voted.

Full minutes can be found in the FOHP MINUTES page.

This is the short(ish) version:

Adventure Playground in Home park:

Darna Sepaul (AP) updated the meeting re the re-building works on the AP. Rebuilding started 3-4 weeks ago. IT is expected that the work on the Ap will be completed by April 2010 and definitely by Summer 2010.

Plans of the re-build are available on the Home Park web Blog.

The Adventure Playground attracts up to 45 children/young people (aged 5-19) every day. Up to 170 children and young people attended the AP this summer. Discussions were held with the children about the 3 options fr Home Park; they expressed most interest for the outdoor gym.

Teach Sport – Very successful range of activities were run by the AP and TeachSport. Levels of anti-social behaviour over the summer in the local area were down significantly.

Security of the Park:

PC White of Bellingham SNT advised that the anti-social problems tend to be from youths aged between 13-17 and from street drinkers.

SNT PCSOs patrol in and around the park.

Street Drinkers and older children bullying younger children:

This was raised as a concern as there have been incidents whereby younger children have felt intimidated by older children. On a general note, concern expressed regarding the presence of street drinkers in the area and ways of limiting this. Lewisham Regeneration Team and the SNT answered that there would be an increawed presence of Glendales and the Safer Neighbourhood Team and increase controls in the area.

Lighting and locking the gates to be a consideration to help promote safety of the park. It is recognized however that Home Park is heavily used as a pedestrian thoroughfare to and fro the high street.

Sydenham Arts Festival:

Film was screened in Home Park which was a very successful event.  However to make this a regular event, would require on-going pre-planning, organization, fund raising and costings.

Football Pitches:

Local resident, Barry Langridge, expressed interest for regular organised football matches in Home Park. Previously there has been organised tournaments which increased the positive use of Home Park for sporting activities and raised its profile in Lewisham. Football matches have ended as the pitches are not marked and facilities are not available. The changing room is in a state of disrepair and will require substantial funds to re-furbish it.

Glendales charge £45 per match. At a previous meeting, Glendales agreed to mark out football pitches. Goal posts? (see action plan).

Community gardens:

AP and Haseltine School have expressed their interest in developing a Community Garden in the old “mulch area” to grow orchards, a vegetable garden and plants.

FOHP (Shelly) to get the views of local residents in Fairlawn Park and Fairview Close, whose gardens back on to this area.

Signposting: Signs for Home Park to be considered.

Café: At previous FOHP meetings, there was discussion about FOHP exploring  the possibility of a mobile café/ice cream van located occasionally in the park.


  1. FOHP, Glendales, Lewisham Parks (Fiona) to explore further funding to boost the £20K already secured for this..
  1. Anthony to organize a “walk and talk” with Glendales and Parks to discuss on where the Outdoor gym should be sited.
  1. Anthony of FOHP to make a bid to the Bellingham Assembly for an “outdoor classroom”. Anthony to contact Lewisham Homes and Hyde Housing. Anthony and Lee (and possiblby Haseltine Primary School) will make a presentation for this bid at the Bellingham Assembly on 14/11/09.
  1. Films at Home park – volunteers needed to explore this further. (Jonathan Kaufman of the Kirkdale Bookshop can advise on costings to hold film events. Fiona Alleyne will find out funding opportunities for £5K for running films in Home park in Summer 2010.
  1. Football Pitch markings: Potential mobile football goal posts – the AP may have the capacity to store them. Darren Budden and Fiona will discuss further.   Spot funds to be explored. Discuss football markings and goal posts at next FOHP meeting.
  1. Tarmac area: FOHP and Fiona to discuss long term and short term plans.
  1. Bellingham and Sydenham SNT will continue to advise FOHP and Glendales on security and safety issues.
  1. FOHP to research opportunities regarding community funding organizations for potential funders for Home Park.
  1. Maria Roberts will pass on Dave King’s details to FOHP. Dave King runs activities for young people funded by Millwall Football club.
  1. FOHP to meet to formulate a Constitution.
  1. Date of next meeting: TBA. (estimated sometime in February/March  2010)

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